Responsible Gaming
No Under 18s
All Slots Mobile Casino is strictly off-limits to anyone under the age of 18 (or the legal gambling age in your jurisdiction, whichever is higher). We require age verification on registration, either by providing a valid credit card, or by contacting our support staff who will use public services to verify your age. In addition, our WAP site and all short codes in the UK are rated 18+ and therefore inaccessible to anyone with age filters enabled on their mobile phone.

Know when to stop

For most of us, gambling is fun and relaxing - but for some people, it becomes an addiction and controls their lives. If you feel that you or someone you know may be developing a gambling problem, please visit the 'Responsible Gaming' section of our web site at This comprehensive section will give you more info on what we can do, what you can do, self assessment tests and links to relevant organizations.
If you feel that you have played too long but still have the urge to play some more, we can also offer you the following options: If you choose either of these options, you will not be able to logon to our casino software during the exclusion period. The casino will also make every effort to ensure that you are blocked from entering our affiliated online casinos during this period.

If you would like to request a cooling off period or self-exclusion, please contact our 24/7 Customer Support Centre for immediate action.

Deposit Limits
Control your gaming and play within your budget by reducing your daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits. Simply contact us with your limit requests, and our support team will implement them immediately. Please note, any subsequent requests to increase your deposit limits back to their original levels will take up to 48 hours.

Further Assistance
Gamblers Anonymous

Relationships Australia

Rodin Foundation


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